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"In his works stowaways are at the core of reflection which besides being based on the topicality of refusal, rejection, suspicion, becomes existential and ontological. Gulino's stowaways come from Mexico and Libya; they are passengers on rickety boats, which are already blocked before departure, but also those who go through life. Non-aligned, rebels". (Laura Anello, Quegli emarginati dell'esistenza in Giornale di Sicilia, luglio 2011)

"From his small window over a world which is too big, Gulino observes the sea lapping on the shore, islands sinking together with man, and lives personally the sufferance of those who cross our seas in search for a new life, those who are called stowaways, just like daylight thieves, sans papiers and therefore with no right to be human. This is where art has to intervene to transform smoke into wings, twisted cemeteries of boats in the flat tracks of memory, made eternal through painting" (Valentina Di Miceli in the catalogue of individual exhibition entitled Ecce clandestinus)

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